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Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Weekend Come and Gone

I guess it has been a few weekends since my last post! Memorial day weekend was a fun yet a busy holiday weekend. Laura flew in from Denver late Sat. night. On Sunday we headed back to her old stomping grounds in uptown for some fun! Monday we spent with mostly family and I made some of Uncle Dennis's Famous Ribs! I say 'I' because Sam was licking his wounds from the night before from a little too much fun at the Stiles's BBQ on Sunday. Needless to say by Tuesday I was beat!

My mom was up again last week and left early on Friday morning. Bev Scully was able to drive me to rehab on Friday. I met her when I got my flu shot at work last fall. She noticed that I had a scar from heart surgery and asked a few questions. After a few minutes of conversation we discovered that she had the same surgery that I would need to have done. She was kind enough to give me her contact information so Sam and I could meet with her if we chose to to discuss her experience. At that time I had not found a surgeon that 'fit' what we wanted. She recommended her surgeon, Kshettry! Needless to say we are very pleased with Kshettry ourselves and the result. Since my surgery Bev and I have kept in touch and she has volunteered to drive me to rehab! It is far and few between that you meet people as kind as Bev.

This past weekend was a nice weekend around the house. Sam was able to get a lot of yard work done and we took a trip to menards on sat. Sunday was a bit more relaxing. Ammy Norgren came over for a visit during the day. In the evening the Pace family came over and made us dinner. Thanks Tara and Tony the Grill Master for a great dinner!

I had rehab this morning and Ammy N. was able to take me because my mom won't be here until tomorrow. I have met a woman at rehab who just had surgery and as soon as she recovers from this surgery she will be on the transplant list for a new heart! Until then she has to live with battery packs attached to her that help pump her left ventricle. There is always someone who is worse off than yourself, it surely made my situation not so bad! She is so excited to get her new heart! Her mom told me today that she was glad to see me at rehab because I help motivate her daughter:-) I guess that is what we call paying it forward! Thanks to all who have been there to support me in my recovery! I know I would not be able to do it alone!